Salwar Kameez and kurti are two most selling products in India. The other day, my dad wasn’t home so I visited the local market the 3rd time in my lifetime. Then as usual, I left for office and as usual as well I saw most of the female beauties were in straight-cut or flared kurtis. I had a birthday party that night; there also a group of countesses was in evening party kurta sets.

That day I have got one thing, Siq to Petra long walk, rendezvous with The Taj at moonlight, dancing with cherry blossoms at Japan and the significance of Kurti to Indian Women are few of the things that would be a blunder to underestimate.

But why so? I’ve jotted down 5 top reasons why kutri for Indian women is what broken guitars are for Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix:

1. Chubby is the new HOT.

You have an eye on that red crop top for a couple of months now but your size isn’t available? Most of the chubby beauties often restrict themselves from buying their favorite dresses in a fear if that does not suit them. It’s true as well women who love to flaunt their beauty features do not get many options in India for plus sizes.
Kurti is the BFF for the chubby charms. Flared kurtis, Kaftan Style Kurtis, Tunic Style Kurtis, Loose Floor Length Kurtis, Anarkali Kurtis, and Overlay Style Kurtis are few of the wide varieties of what will look absolutely envious on every body type.

2. Anywhere, any style

As we’re discussing, from temple to evening party, Kurtis were always there. A wedding to attend, a Sudden Surprise party, a long weekend trip with the colleagues or it’s just lolling-over-Sunday; cotton, silk, polyester, chanderi, khadi can be chosen from, the dress type is too versatile to be given other options.

3. Style with anything you love!

  • You have an oxidized pair or earrings unopened since months but not finding the perfect match!
  • Bought that nevi-blue pair of culottes but the tops were not in sale!
  • Sudden client meet tomorrow, just got a mail from HR that every team member should dress with something that’s smart, sober and professional?
  • That long magenta kurti you just love but don’t have any matching leggings to wear for the weekend get-together?

Yes. You have that Gown-style Magenta kurti that’s perfectly fine to go alone; kurtis look awesome with oxidized junk jewelry; culottes, leggings, jeans: kurti is a quite friendly girl, looks with all; and yes, Kurti is considered as one of the most corporate friendly dresses in India.

4. Pocket-pinch; don’t pinches:

Okay, here it’s your call. Kurti being one of the highest sold dresses of India comes incredibly at varied range of prices. Now it’s your call to choose the perfect brand, cloth quality and your occasion. Branded handcrafted Kurtis from reputed brands starts from as low as 450rs and can go up to thousands. Also, judging the perfect material for your kurti is very crucial as a good quality kurti can serve you for years even with regular use.
We believe, you’re too beautiful from within to be embellished with external attributes. Still, it was our trivial venture to honor your precious womanhood.
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