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Did you know that ‘Textile Industry’ comes within top 10 industries in India? Yes; every 1 out of 2 Indians spend Rs 500 to Rs 2500 on clothing. Also, more than 40% of the full-time employed Indians spend Rs 1500 or more on a monthly basis on clothing. Leave these stats to your favorite brands […]

The History and origin of Kurti

Assam has her Mekhela; Bong beauties are always in their “Laal Paara Sadaa Saree” (White Saree in solid Red border) at the festivity; every Gujarati beauty’s authentic dance partner, Chaniyo and Choli… Then among all these, what Kurti has to do? Everyone has her Mr. Perfect already. Grrr… But, Kurti is the mother of all […]

8 Reasons why kurtas are sweeter than Christmas Mornings

Salwar Kameez and kurti are two most selling products in India. The other day, my dad wasn’t home so I visited the local market the 3rd time in my lifetime. Then as usual, I left for office and as usual as well I saw most of the female beauties were in straight-cut or flared kurtis. […]