Did you know that ‘Textile Industry’ comes within top 10 industries in India? Yes; every 1 out of 2 Indians spend Rs 500 to Rs 2500 on clothing. Also, more than 40% of the full-time employed Indians spend Rs 1500 or more on a monthly basis on clothing.

Leave these stats to your favorite brands and here’s what you actually need to know more: 92% of the Indian women of 18-45 years of age surveyed say that they have one or more dresses in their mind that they are waiting to buy on a discounted price. Yes, we all love sales. Period. But, are you really choosing out the best deal for you?

Even if not; don’t worry. We are here so that you never make the mistakes again on a shopping spree:

1. Use Cash over Card

Massachusetts Institute of Technology had come up with a survey that said, people are more likely to go for an expensive ticket when they pay in card. Using cash makes you spend with your hand and also you can see how much cash you are actually left with. Both the scenarios actually psychologically push you to shop less.

2. Thursdays are your darlings

Saturdays and Sundays are the most expensive for the new hits on the market and the comparatively olds in the market are on the biggest sales. The most obvious reason for this is, weeks are only when job-holders get time to shop.
In between, Thursdays are the days when prices are generally the lowest for 2 reasons:
Being mid-of-the-week, Thursday attracts the least amount of traffic.
Being busy with offers, discount and marketing policies for the weekend, Thursday is the day of stock clearance.

3. Months to shop

Stock-clearance sale and off-season shopping are always good options to go for. But, did you know that there are divisions where certain types of products, especially clothing items are at a noticeably lower price?
July for swimwear, August for summer wear and October is conceded for the low price of denim and fall fashion.

4. Calculate your own time of sale

It is not always the case that your favorite brand should market a pre-announced sale and then only you will be able to buy something that they have chosen to put on sale.
Instead of bouncing into some dress that has just hit the market, wait for 6 to 8 weeks. The ‘just-arrived’ price of any product is much higher in comparison with what it is after 2 months. If you are purchasing from a brick and mortar shop, wait for the seller to bring the products down from the front showcase. One some of the sizes and styles will be sold, the price is bound to be down.

5. End of season sales are always worthy

We’ve all heard about End of Season sales and have shopped on this as well. But, have we ever noticed that there is always a difference of 1-2 months between why EOS sales are given out and the actual end of the season? Yes. This is because the brands want you to actually buy a product at a discounted price with the FOMO strategy. Basically here they play with the quantities.

Now, here are some special tips for you:

  • Buy better quality product for long-term sustainability
  • Differentiate between impulsive buying and utility buying
  • Try for dresses which are in short of every size
  • Yes, now you can save while shopping as well!

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